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Quotes Fly anglers have been using hand tied leaders long before knotless commercial were available. I still think hand-tied fluorocarbon has several advantages, including enabling you to cast a lighter line, yet because Chris Faves's are high-viz you can see where you are casting, and then see the subtle twitches and hesitation in the line that tell you a trout has taken your fly. Quotes
Travis Stringer
Lumber Industry Consultant

Quotes Not only are Chris's hand tied leaders reasonably priced compared to commercially machine-tapered leaders but I have found it is easier to modify a hand-tied leader on stream to meet changing water and fish requirements by adding or removing some tippet material. Quotes
C. Rich Munyan
CEO Forest Road Technology

Quotes Whether I'm tackling the pocket water of a small native mountain streams or going after the big boys in the fast water of Penn's or Spring, one thing i will never have to worry about is my leader holding up. Chris' quality craftmanship and diversity of leaders is a thing of beauty. From the hi viz to the dry fly leader I know i am ready for any situation a day on the water may bring me. Thank you for a great product! Every fly fisherman should have these in their pack. Quotes
Erik Francis

Quotes I first ordered a dozen in sizes 3x,4x and 5x...very well tied and the taper formula is very good. Well, here we are a year later and I recently ran out, so I put in another order for a dozen. The twelve footers really work well for me. I recommend Christopher Fave's hand-tied leaders without reservation. Quotes
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Quotes Why tie a leader.You can never get them as good as Chtistophers.I bought the mixed dozen a while back and prefer the 3X.They really lay down nice and present the fly like no other that I have used. streamer with this leader Quotes
Pa Pa LyLe

Quotes Hello, i have been using christopher fave fly fishing leaders for the past year. I have never had any problems. In-fact, on countless occasions i have been stunned when pulling in fish well over the leaders pound test. I would recommend these leaders to anyone just starting out or very skilled in the trade. Impressive stuff. Quotes
Doesn't get much more satisfying then this!