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Spey, Switch, Tailrace and Quick Change Tippet System

$4.95 $5.50

This leader is available in 12', 15, and 18' in tippets of 02x, 01X, 0X, 1X, 2X. Still heavy butt section beginning with 40lb (.024) maxima chameleon with the last 3 segments being ultragreen. 12' and 15' leaders have 28" tippets and 18' have 32". The best spey/switch leader you will find and stiff enough to toss the biggest "chew toys."

TAILRACE: Same as the Spey/switch but available in 3X-7X. Look for the (TR) next to the size

QUICK CHANGE TIPPET (QCT):Innovative leader for those who are scared of tying blood knots creekside or those who wish to go ahead (day or NIGHT) with preloaded tippets. The leader is available in 9' and 10' with the first 6 sections being maxima chameleon. On the 6th section, I have tied a perfection loop. Included in the package, you will find three seperate tippets of maxima ultragreen that also have a perfection loop tied on one end. All you need to do is loop to loop your tippet and bam-you're ready to start fishing all over again. Its like getting 3 leaders in one. Pre-tie some extra tippets at home and go up an "x" or down an "x" to meet all the needs of a day on the water, or pre-tie your flies on the tippets for easy changing during low light or night fishing. 9' leaders come with 24" tippets, 10' has 28".

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